Our Residential Care homes offer all-inclusive services (suite and care) at one packaged price. All-inclusive means that a single monthly fee covers rent, meals, personal care, activities, and everything Haven Care offers to provide an enriched and comfortable life. 

Package Pricing

Packages are established by private room type and level of care, determined by room preference and an assessment with our Care Director and Registered Nurse. 

Private Rooms

Haven Care offers private bedrooms, private suites with bathrooms, and premium (master) suites with bathrooms. Each has their own unique pricing. Various auxiliary services, both medical and non-medical can be provided at an additional charge.

Our Care

Haven Care offers non-medical, boutique care in a residential home. Care is highly personalized to the individual. We provide PRIVATE rooms in Real Homes located in Real Neighborhoods!  Our homes are meticulously maintained and deeply clean.

Care is attentive and personal with a staff ratio of 5:1. Activities are planned daily, with family gatherings and celebrations seasonally. Whether your loved one remembers their own birthday or not, we do!  We make a special day to celebrate them.

We offer warmth, comfort, and familiarity. Our homes delight the senses with smells of home cooking, sounds of soothing popular music of times passed, and visuals of household residents gathering in the living area and at the dining table.

We are among the best at what we do. We offer amenities and surroundings that only a private pay structure allows. We are not a large institutional facility. WE ARE HOME.

Long Term Care Insurance

Most Long Term Care insurance policies cover expenses at an accredited assisted living facility. Haven Care is private-pay and can be reimbursed by LTC.

If you are looking for subsidized institutionalized care, there are other programs available, outside of Haven Care.

Haven Care is a loving, homelike residential assisted living provider that exists to serve seniors living through memory loss with compassion, tenderness, and dignity.